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The Mission of Inter-Church Ministries of Erie County is to be a network of Christian Churches committed to cooperation for the greater good of the religious community and people of Erie County, Pennsylvania.


The Vision of Inter-Church Ministries of Erie County is to:

Witness to Christ through unity among Christian churches,

Encourage interfaith cooperation,

Share resources with those in need, and to

Do nothing separately that can be done better together.



Celebrating a rich history in ecumenical ministry...

Inter-Church Ministries of Erie County has a rich history of ecumenical witness to the love of Jesus Christ. Throughout the years people of faith worked to serve God and the community with unity of purpose and mission. Many of these early ecumenical efforts were the seedlings for agencies and programs that continue today serving the Erie County community.

ICM’s roots date back to 1910 when a group of women met at the home Mrs. C.F. Allis and formed the Women’s Missionary Federation. This organization became Church Women United. A year later the clergy of Erie invited Billy Sunday to lead a series of services. A tabernacle was built on the corner of West 12th and Myrtle. A committee was formed named the Erie Evangelistic Association, Inc. To follow up the services, a men's Personal Work League was formed. Out of this came the City Mission and the Men's Inter-Church Federation, later to be known as the Erie Inter-Church Federation. The Federation's purpose was "the closer cooperation of the Protestant churches of Erie and vicinity in a continuous endeavor to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the people and to promote the application of the gospel to every relation of life."

In 1939 discussions concerning the formation of a Council of Churches originated in the Erie Ministerial Association under the leadership of Rev. O.E. Schafer, pastor of Glenwood United Brethren Church. An organizational meeting of the Erie County Council of Churches was held on April 14, 1940. Thirty-two churches and organizations representing 13 denominations made up the original membership. In 1976 the Council of Churches was renamed and incorporated as Inter-Church Ministries of Northwestern Pennsylvania. Then in 1992 it became Inter-Church Ministries of Erie County.

From the beginning, innovative programs have led the people of our community to a closer understanding of the love of Jesus Christ through educational opportunities, creative service and inspiring worship.

As it was in 1911, our purpose today is "to live out the mandate of Jesus that Christians will live and act together as one people ‘so that the world may believe.’"

This year, as in years past, our community was faced with acts violence and terror, unemployment and poverty, and all that threatens the well being of God’s children in our midst. As people of faith we are comforted in knowing that the love of Jesus Christ has power over the obstacles of life and the work of evil in this world. Our challenge is to ask God and allow God to take charge and lead us-to support and encourage one another in our personal and corporate ministries-to be the Body of Christ stretching across denominational lines and breaking every barrier that threatens the unity of the Body. Our calling is to share this good news with those around us-to care for God’s children in their times of need-to offer opportunities for nurture and growth.

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